How To Become A Better Programmer

How To Become A Better Programmer

The most common thought is that coding whether it be as a software developer or a web developer can be improved through the use of tools.

Although its quite true that tools help with the process its the person behind the code that makes the code what it is, and this is reflected in the final product.

It’s my belief that as an individual it’s down to you to improve your developer and programming skills through self-learning and other different methods. In this article, I will take a look at the top 11 ways on how to be a better developer and programmer.

Here’s a list of things which take a fair amount of time:

  • Reproducing and fixing errors or things which are simply not working.
  • Writing an experimental code to test some idea.
  • Searching (googling) for the problems you face.
  • Writing test cases and conducting tests.

Practice and Make Mistakes

The first tip is that you should keep practicing the more you code the better you get at it and the more you make mistakes. Why is it important to make mistakes during your practices?

The more you code the more you will realize your mistakes in error handling, designing, threading, etc. You will learn from these mistakes and the more you practice your craft the better you will get.

Create a schedule or structure that you can work from to ensure that you learn effectively and ensure that you spend your time practicing different things such as a different coding language.

Practice will make you:

  • Faster at navigating
  • Faster at reading
  • Faster at articulating your problem &
  • Faster at finding solutions

With practice, you will become a much faster programmer.



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